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Asus x99 Deluxe on its way to the manufacturer

Update 12. Dec. 2014:
3 weeks later and still waiting for my mainboard. This really is “a bad situation”. It’s not like we still were back in th 80s or 90s  where shipping takes weeks. I wonder what they are doing there. I’m disappointed. Just imagine they had 1 week to receive the mainboard one week to work on it and another to send the mainboard back to me. What the heck is Asus thinking? This was my last Asus product for sure.


Today it happend. I finally brought the Asus x99 Deluxe in to my local hardware dealer to send the board back to Asus. To be honest, i hoped my dealer will keep my old board and let me chose a new one. I will now summarize some problems i was facing. Things became worse during time.


Mystic behaviour: Power on!

Right in the first month it happended once, that i woke up, went into my living room and my computer was powered on. It should be powered off. Hey i’m a computer junky and strange things happen frequently, especially to my mind. Sometimes i even doubt my memories because of that littl sleep i often get. When i saw my computer powered on, i couldn’t believe it and almost instantly rejected the things going on in my head and said to myself “Oh i forgot to power it off….”. So this was the first time.
It happend again yesterday, but i was absent.


The standby problem

I already talked about it. The system was sometimes hard to wake from standby mode. It was possible to put the system into standby but not to wake it, most times. And now a few days ago it also was hard to put it into standby mode. So things are getting worse.


What you like for dinner?

My BIOS decided to forget about its boot-settings. This happend only once in 2.5 months.


System hang during boot

i had my first system hang few days ago during boot. Windows 7 was about to animate its logo / load its bootscreen and the Windows Symbol was about to load but stopped.


US what? USB?

I was able to wake my system from standby the next day but it seemed that the USB devices got power but are not recognized. Keyboard and mouse dead. Nothing. Asus x99 Deluxe was like “OK, that’s it, i’ma shut down” and  the system shut down. No reboot. Silence.


Sad but necesary

And then, when things like this happen to you frequently and when you read about Asus x99 Deluxe boards, which burn through your CPU and everything else or turn into “fire” (some people reported a little blue blaze/flame when a component on the board died), then you reached that moment to bring the board back to where it came from. I RMA’d it today.

Its a sad story because this board did perform very well in any benchmark tests, especially in those bigger tests performed by other, bigger tech-sites, but i fear that the problems will never disappear or get solved by asus. I fear that they simply replace the board and that i get a new monster. New but fraught with the same problems. Hope is all you can have at this point.


Stock or Overclocked?

Some of the mentioned problems occured with a OC’ed system, some other occured with a stock system. I didn’t try to reproduce every behaviour under different circumstances but i can tell you that i played a lot with the mainboard and its settings. Starting with slight changes and getting as deep and detailed as possible. I did touch almost all voltage settings you can alter in the BIOS. One thing i didn’t do was playing with memory-timings. It will take weeks to go through all settings and find the “evil” ones causing the system to drive you nuts. Every change follows a test, which in most cases is nothing else than using your computer like you do on daily basis. Only performance tests can be performed intantly in short time. However, the story continues as soon as i get my MOBO back.

Video on demand? Ich teste gerade

Wie das manchmal so ist, man hat lust auf einen Spielfilm, noch dazu zu einer unmöglichen Uhrzeit und im Free-TV läuft natürlich nichts. Die ersten Vergleichstreffer bei Google führten mich zu einem Test von Computer-Bild für ganz eilige ein Direkt-Link zur Tabelle. Bei anderen Testern stehen auch und auf der Liste ganz oben.


maxdome website screenshot
maxdome website screenshot


Angebot dürftig

Ich kannte und kenne immernoch nicht Iron Man 3, wollte ihn aber sehen. Leider bietet den zurzeit nicht an. Generell ist das Angebot “neuer” Streifen sehr dünn, dürftig, “so-la-la” oder besser gesagt: nicht vorhanden. Wenn ich von neu spreche, dann meine ich Filme, die z.b. letztes Jahr in den Kinos kamen und bereits im Free-TV laufen oder in Videotheken verfügbar sind. Wozu also 8 Euro im Monat zahlen, wenn man keinen richigen Nutzen davon hat?

Einen Vorteil könnte man eventuell bei den Serien sehen – nur bin ich leider kein Serien-Junky.

Vernetze dein TV

Ein guter Punkt von ist, dass ich für meinen Samsung TV von 2010 eine maxdome-App nutzen kann, um Filme direkt über den TV abzuspielen (ja, mein TV ist vernetzt). Allerdings habe ich diese App bisher nur eingerichtet und noch nicht genutzt, was sich aber spätestens morgen früh ändern wird.


Eine Chance

Das Ziel von ist offensichtlich nicht mit einem guten Angebot an Filmen zu punkten, da es sich aber gut in meine Umgebung integrieren lässt, werde ich es noch ein oder zwei Monate testen. Vielleicht kommt ja auch bald mein ersehnter Streifen.

Generell lebe ich ja auch nach dem Motto, dass man auch mal Chancen vergeben muss oder auch mal “Geld rauswerfen” muss, sonst dreht sich auch die Wirtschaft nicht mehr. Ohne zahlende Kunden gibt es auch kein gescheites Angebot.

Eine klare Empfehlung für kann ich nicht geben und einen Vergleich kann ich noch viel weniger ziehen. Maxdome ist mein erster Video-On-Demand-Versuch.


That moment …

You drive to the super-market to spend a lot of  €  for food, drinks and so on… to find yourself in a Diner once you finished your shopping.




Bon appetit!

Asus Deluxe BIOS 1004 x99 – Problems solved?

Update 06. November 2014:

One good thing i have to mention is, that i had no problems yet to wake the system from standby-mode nor did i have any problems that occured with BIOS 0904. BUT I went to do the shopping and put my system or tried to put my system into standby-mode, but it never did. This is a strange behaviour.


I was talking with a guy “Wei Liu” about these issues and he told me that increasing VTT voltage may help here. He just heard of it or read it somewhere. So i decided to increase voltages. What i didn’t mention yet is, that with BIOS 1004 i tested only with stock-settings the first days. Now when i will run the system oc’ed i’m going to apply the tips. Results coming soon.



Asus Deluxe BIOS 1004 released in the end of October

I’m currently testing the Asus Deluxe BIOS 1004 they obviously released already in october. I didn’t notice that. However the first 3 tests were successful. Which means the standbymode, that i mentioned in a previous post with BIOS 0904 (and earlier), did work properly with 1004 (… to their Downloadpage)  so far. But the last test is pending. The standby-problem tend to occur, when the system is cold, what indeed is currently not the fact. Even a 10 minuten power-break doesn’t simulate a cold system correctly. I have to wait, then when i wake up the next time to proceed with it.

Asus Deluxe BIOS 1004 - Problems solved?
Asus x99 Deluxe


Few words about the previous BIOS 0904

By time passing by, i experienced some other problems with the previous BIOS 0904. Once it happend that the system forgot about the Boot-Settings. Another strange situation came up, when the system started on its own after a clean shutdown.

I will try observ this too for sure on the new BIOS 1004. Or lets say, you can’t ignore these mal-behaviours since your perception can’t elude these.

Nothing solved at this moment. Status is open.