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New screen for my digital adventures LG-34UC87

Santa delivered a new LG-34UC87 and very soon i will post a video and some words describing the awesomeness of this screen. The monitor is attached to an Ergotron MX Monitor Arm.

Aspect Ratio in World of Tanks

You can fix the Aspect-Ratio Problem (if you are afected) this way: Edit:


and watch out for this line

<aspectRatio>    2.390000    </aspectRatio>

and set it to 2.39 like already did in this example.


Video Clip

Not just for you, but i will pretend it was, i reactivated my EVE Online account for you. There it happened. I tried to make a short clip of it, where short is here the problem. I will work on it and upload it the next days.

So here it comes:


Keep in mind, that when you connect the display using DisplayPort it may not automatically switch to the correct input source. You should activate it manually by using the little joysticks underneath it. You also have to enable DisplayPort 1.2 in the menu in case you expect your system do use it.



Some impressions during installation:

Please note that Fallout3 SuiteCase 😀 ..


(L) Samsung 23" (R) BENQ 17"
Previous Setup – (L) Samsung 23″ (R) BENQ 17″


LG 34UC87
LG mounted onto the Ergotron MX Monitor Arm

LG 34UC87


lg 34uc87




LG 34UC87
LG 34UC87