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World of Tanks is a video game for PC and this section will contain regular articles and videos. Enjoy

World of Tanks – IS 7 – Siegfriedlinie

Ein neues Video. Dieses Mal von einer IS 7 auf der Karte Siegfriedlinie. Hier wurde etwas über 7000 Schaden verursacht und ein Panzerass gab es obendrauf. Ursprünglich waren als Hintergrundmusik oder Untermalung einige Titel aus dem Film ‘Hero’ in diesem Video mussten aber natürlich dann wegen Urheberechtsverletzung entfernt werden. Gott sei Dank hat Youtube ein […]

New screen for my digital adventures LG-34UC87

Santa delivered a new LG-34UC87 and very soon i will post a video and some words describing the awesomeness of this screen. The monitor is attached to an Ergotron MX Monitor Arm. Aspect Ratio in World of Tanks You can fix the Aspect-Ratio Problem (if you are afected) this way: Edit: C:\Users\<SysUsername>\AppData\Roaming\\WorldOfTanks\preferences.xml and watch out […]

GTX 770 and World of Tanks performance issues gone in 9.3?

In a previous post i was talking a bit of my problem with my EVGA GTX 770 and World of Tanks. Today, after a couple of weeks of abstinence, when playing World of Tanks, which is now at version 9.3,  i do notice an enhancement with GTX 770 and World of Tanks but i can’t really […]

Video – Mastery Badge B-C 155 58 World of Tanks

Another video of a World of Tanks match. The arty-player is  not myself, i just did the video editing. Its the french Artillery B-C 155 58 Tier-X / Tier-10 Tank on map ‘Ruinberg’ where the team is spawnd in the north of that map. You will see 7 kills and more than 6500 damage and […]

Problem with GTX 770 and World of Tanks (WOT)

Update: [Problem solved in World of Tanks 9.3] I decided to get a new graphics card view weeks ago and in the end i came up with a GTX 770 4 GB dual Bios. However, currently i’m playing WOT and was happy that i can now play at max settings without being killed by graphics […]

Video – Mastery Badge FV215b in World of Tanks

I did a system refresh two weeks ago and all my replays are gone. But as the lucky man i am i uploaded 1 replay to WOT replay and was able to restore it and make  a video of it. If you want to read a bit more about what tanks i drive etc. There’s […]

World of Tanks – The WOT player inside me

World of Tanks Web I started playing it in April or May 2014 on EU-Servers, right after i quit playing EVE Online. No matter what shift you are working in or what timezone you live in. You will always find some people to get a match rollin. Ingame i’m called “qoslametan”. My current favourite Tank is […]