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Kraken X60 Software – Kraken CAM vs Kraken Controls

Well, i’m using Kraken X60 water cooling system in my current 2011-v3 RIG with all that shiny stuff launched in september 2014, but initially i did use the “Kraken Controls” Software to configure and adjust my water cooling system.     When i installed the hardware and Kraken Controls these days, they had another software […]

Asus x99 Deluxe, i7-5930K overclock – don’t use prime95 on Haswell-E and 2011-v3

Update: 12. March 2015 This post becomes old, however, even when it may have been stupid to call prime95 a bad choice to test overclocks it somehow may have saved peoples wallet. In the beginning when x99 was thrown onto the market, things were very new and everyone had to get closer to the new […]

Asus x99 BIOS update – 0904 released with updated microcode!

Asus just released the next BIOS version 0904! I’m currently at work right now and can’t do anything but i will definetly get into this soon. One thing you might want to point out is the updated microcode. Can’t wait, can’t wait… If you didn’t read previous posts, get the hardware list here.   Screen of […]

SiSoftware Sandra Lite i7-5930K benchmark

Overclock with no bluescreen is no serious overclock Now, 2 weeks after purchasing this new RIG i went a step forward and decided to consult SiSoftware Sandra Lite to get some more details and i7-5930K benchmark. After playing with it in the first 1-2 hours i got the 5th bluescreen during the overclocking evolution period, which may hopefully […]

Another challenge for Corsairs DDR4, i7-5930K and Kraken x60 – new BIOS 0801 for Asus x99 Deluxe

Almost a week now since i purchased all the good new parts for my new computer. A few days now playing with overclocking (OC) parameters. Yesterday my computer froze two times and i had to start figuring things out again. You may know from my previous post, that i had to run the DDR4 RAM […]

Corsair DDR4, Asus X99 Deluxe, Intel i7-5930K and Kraken X60

  LGA2011-v3, DDR4 and x99 Chipset Today it happened, i went to my main source for parts to get me my new system. You may wonder but it was not my intention to buy only Corsair stuff. It just happened. The next generation RAM DDR4 and one of the newest Intel Haswell-E CPU i7-5930K LGA2011-v3 […]

DDR4 and 2011-v3! Waiting for Christmas?

How could you expect something else than this. They managed to get it both on market a good amount of time before Christmas. I’m sure that i will put my money into a new rig soon, since i’m experiencing some issues with my new graphics card and am and was already thinking about a new […]

Problem with GTX 770 and World of Tanks (WOT)

Update: [Problem solved in World of Tanks 9.3] I decided to get a new graphics card view weeks ago and in the end i came up with a GTX 770 4 GB dual Bios. However, currently i’m playing WOT and was happy that i can now play at max settings without being killed by graphics […]

Decentralized Storage – the way to go – NAS

This will be one of my next steps. Get rid of the storage drives in the Computer Cases and put them into a NAS Storage solution like Asustor 604 or Synology 414/415. But to be honest, if you’re going for a decentralized storage you should really be in a situation, where you need it and […]

o2 Box 6431 IP auslesen für DynDNS & Co

Für die, die gerne an ihre IP im O2 Box 6431 Router gelangen möchten, damit sie DynDNS und andere Dienste nutzen können, habe ich hier ein kleines Workaround. Für die, die externe Webseiten zur Auflösung der IP nutzen kann dies auch von Vorteil sein. Euren Router kümmert es nicht wie oft ihr die IP auslest. Voraussetzung […]