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Steelseries – Siberia v3

Soft to your ears I did purchase one of these Siberia v3 and can recommend them. They cover the ear completly and are very soft. Especially for people like me, who wear glasses, its very important that the preasure on the ear isn’t that high. Nice sound, decent bass The sound quality is good as […]

Another BIOS release for x99 Deluxe

Asus just did release another BIOS for the Asus x99 Deluxe. We are now at Version 1601 1702. With BIOS 1502/1601 .. the problem width Audio somehow disappeared for now or maybe the emitting component in my circuits. However i wasn’t happy with the digital to analog converter since it requires additional power supply and […]


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Unblock files before extracting

Problems installing drivers or software you just downloaded for your Asus product? Make sure you Right-Click->Properties->Allow/Unblock the contained files before extracting/unzipping/unpacking!

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finally managed to get the content-problem fixed. Now can update frontpage 🙂