DDR4 and 2011-v3! Waiting for Christmas?

How could you expect something else than this. They managed to get it both on market a good amount of time before Christmas. I’m sure that i will put my money into a new rig soon, since i’m experiencing some issues with my new graphics card and am and was already thinking about a new rig since end 2013. The show must go on. BUT, be careful. We are still waiting for PCIe 4.0 !! Possible that if we now spend our money we will soon face our new board becoming old.



One good thing is that apart from DDR4, the new boards also come with SATAe and M.2 slots. You’re not only buying a new socket and RAM technology. You’re paving the way for next generation of data transfer. You will be equipped for the next few years. And unlike the 2011 version, that was release in the end of 2013, you don’t waste space on the die for graphic cores. Plain performance. Plain Mojo. I do want!


SATA express connector


Corsair Vengeance pro LPX DDR4
Corsair Vengeance pro LPX DDR4


Edit: 02. September 2014

If you take your time to read some articles on the net you will stumble over several issues that might occur with the new DDR4 and the mainboards. In my opinion this is quite normal as it is totally new. I will buy my new rig tomorrow 02. Sept. 2014. Im not scared about the problems that might occur. The hardware list will be added tomorrow when i have a big smile in my face.


Good luck -> to the list of parts





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