Decentralized Storage – the way to go – NAS

This will be one of my next steps. Get rid of the storage drives in the Computer Cases and put them into a NAS Storage solution like Asustor 604 or Synology 414/415.

Synology Disk Station
Synology Disk Station

But to be honest, if you’re going for a decentralized storage you should really be in a situation, where you need it and you really can make use of it. What does that mean? Well, buying a NAS for a single person with a single computer may be one of the situations which doesn’t require NAS Storage, depending on your average usage for sure. How much content or data do you generate every day? Do you have one or more extra devices which can benefit from a NAS?

When i started to work on the small Home-Server build, the plan or the idea of getting a NAS already influenced the parts i was going to buy for it. Well i couldn’t resist to get the Xigmatek Nebula Case;-  i could’ve get a lot smaller one. Not speaking of the overpowered 300 Watts power supply.

Asustor 604
Asustor 604

However, back to the NAS. You have to think about what you expect from your NAS, how you are going to use it and which features are necessary. “To have more than i need” – is always good – but there are limits.

If you are going to use your NAS frequently as a DNLA / Video Media station watching films all day long – maybe your kids? Then for example all NAS with transcoding are  a good choice.


It’s all about comparing and reading, reading, asking, reading and reading.

A good first address of course is google, which in turn might route you to NAS Ranker.


My priority list:

  • Price less than < 500,- €
  • Tool-less hot-swap drive cages, where tool-less is really important to me.
  • At least 4 bays, better 5
  • Throughput / Dual GBit LAN with Link-Aggregation IEEE 802.3ad
  • Low power consumption or at least standby or spindown for the disks when theres nothing to do (when i sleep, or the hacker out there sleep).
  • and for sure some USB ports to get TV, Music etc. to the party.


Months ago i was more into the Asustor Model 604-T, but the drive cages have not a tool-less design. My current favourite is the Synology 414 over the 415. The 415 has transcoding support and performs a tiny bit worse than the 414 when it comes to throughput and has only 1 GBit port, but its still a very good NAS.

Lacie Pro NAS
Lacie Pro NAS

The almost still new Lacie Pro NAS attracted my attention too for quite some time but… its not a tool-less design


To be continued.




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