Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool (IPDT) now supports 2011-v3

Back in 2014 the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool (IPDT) was not working for 2011-v3 CPUs but now in 2015 they released an update on 20th January and maybe also earlier this year. However i just want to let you know.

Get your Diagnostic Tool from Intel Website


It’s finally working for 2011-v3 CPUs

When i started in September 2014 with my 2011-v3 RIG i did test a lot and sometimes you’d like to know if you already burned or damaged something on your chip due to overclocking. A Diagnostic Tool, made by the same people who produce our chips, is the best choice if you want to check your CPU for injuries.


Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool
Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool

2 thoughts on “Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool (IPDT) now supports 2011-v3

  1. Oddly enough the 5930k isnt listed in their own list of compatible chips. I find that odd. Matter of fact, the 5960x isnt listed either. I need to swap from AMD to Intel and I really want to be able to test all my new hardware without making changes to my main OS SSD. So I can run Memtest from UBCD and I wouldve liked to run Intel Diagnostics from Fedora. But how do we know that its actually working and not just giving us false positives?

    1. If you require the CPU to be listed as compatible you may not trust the result of the test. Up to you. All i can say is that after the release in january it did work. Pevious versions couldn’t even complete the test.

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