SiSoftware Sandra Lite i7-5930K benchmark

Overclock with no bluescreen is no serious overclock

Now, 2 weeks after purchasing this new RIG i went a step forward and decided to consult SiSoftware Sandra Lite to get some more details and i7-5930K benchmark. After playing with it in the first 1-2 hours i got the 5th bluescreen during the overclocking evolution period, which may hopefully end today. I received my 5th bluescreen during SiSoftware Sandra tests/Benchmarks. You may have a look at the Hardware / Computer section for upcoming posts and updates.


Quick Overview of the System (or have a quick look at previous posts):

  • Asus X99 Deluxe (white/black) Motherboard
  • Intel i7-5930K  at 3.5 GHz (will use MX-4 paste)
  • Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4, 16 GB, 2800MHz  4-Modules-Memory-Kit
  • Corsair RM1000 Power Supply
  • Kraken X60 Watercooling
  • 4x Corsair 140mm Fans (purple/violet)
  • Corsair Obsidian 450D Case


History settings

History settings (i will skip experiments that weren’t tested in longterm view, for example playing with Vcore for the CPU or when i switched back to basic settings when trying to figure things out/ bluescreens) from oldest -> to newest Setting(s):


CPU i7-5930K (including Turbo)in GHz: Corsair LPX DDR4 RAM in MHz: Asus x99 Deluxe Baseclock in MHz:
3,7 @ base values, unknown voltage (release BIOS 0505) 2166 @ base values, unknown voltage (release BIOS 0505) 100 @ base (BIOS 0505)
4,1 @ 1,23 V (release BIOS to BIOS 0801) 2800 @ 1.35 V (release BIOS + BIOS 0701, XMP Profiles values didn’t work) 100 (BIOS 0505 – 0701)
4,2 @ 1,25 V (BIOS 0701 + BIOS 0801) 2800 @ 1.2 V (BIOS 0701 + 0801, XMP values started to work with 0801, 0701 was still unstable) 127,5 (BIOS 0801)
4,25 @ 1,25 V (BIOS 0801) – current 3000 @ 1.35 V (BIOS 0801) – current 125 (BIOS 0801) – current
4,375 @ 1,265 V (BIOS 0801) 3000 @ 1.35 V (BIOS 0801) 125 (BIOS 0801)
4,425 + 4,5 @ 1,276 V (BIOS 0904) 3088 @ 1.35 V 128,7 (BIOS 0904)

These current settings values (antepenultimate row) are valid until 26. September 2014 – for further information please read this post (most recent at this moment) or  this one. The penultimate row in the table are values tested after publishing this post. Final or most recent settings you can find in the most recent link above. Some values were tested on different BIOS versions, some were stable some were not. The table doesn’t show all these combinations. In all cases you can say, that the newer setting also did run at BIOS version 1 behind. For example 4.5 GHz was also tested on 0801.


The i7-5930K benchmark

Update 28. September 2014: Unfortunately i didn't write down the PW for SiSoftware Ranker. The links now point to the new account.

With a baseclock slightly decreased from 127.5 to 125 MHz and RAM voltage, now again, at 1.35 V – but this time with 3000 MHz clockspeed – i hope to get closer to a smooth running System. Check it out directly: SiSoftware Sandra Ranking Page of >>

This one has a better overview: Another Ranking Page of SiSoftware

After these little changes were made, all tests did pass with no further problems. The screenshots show the rank from 15. Sept. to 16. Sept 2014. Ranked #123. (Just 8 hours later im ranked #326 🙂 they’re all cheating)


i7-5930K benchmark SiSoftware Ranker
i7-5930K benchmark SiSoftware Ranker


i7-5930K benchmark SiSoftware Ranker
i7-5930K benchmark SiSoftware Ranker


Cooling the i7-5930K

Additionally i installed a 120mm fan in the rear of the case just to get the warm air a little bit faster out. When i was facing 90 °C and more in the past at full load with the 127.5 baseclock setup, i now still reach 90 °C and more but it takes a tiny bit longer to get there 😉

Just to make sure: temperature was never the issue, i was always monitoring temps when i did any sort/kind of benchmarks. During benchmarks the CPU cores sure get to their limits but never on a timeperiod long enough cause any heatdamage or impact results or cause bluescreens. Well, i talk about SiSoftware Sandra. — Armed with prime95, things become different.


Sorry Sandra

Few words about Sandra SiSoftware. I hate it. Or lets say it was frustrating me in the beginning. Its okay for a wide range of tests, but i will never use it again i think, untill my computer produces another bluescreen.


Uploading the i7-5930K benchmark with a certain user name to SiSoftware Ranker
Uploading the i7-5930K benchmark with a certain user name to SiSoftware Ranker


I can haz user account?

You have to run it as admin. I mean you have to login as admin. “Run as Admin” isn’t enough. And then you can/are able connect to “Local Computer”. Don’t ask how you can upload results to their Ranking-Website using a specific username. I managed it but it hurts explaining it. In the end it is simple but i expect things do work different. You don’t register or create an account in a way you would expect. You simple put a name and email address and password in the fields and fires return key until a picked account name is being accepted. Not talking about the bad named and bad placed module “Top Results”. Who expects that you enter your account information in here? And why locate it in Benchmarks? And you should really not use their FAQ or you will find yourself smashing your head on the desk.




Recognize my RAM correctly pls

By the way: SiSoftware Sandra doesn’t know that my RAM is running at 3000 MHz. It always says for whatever reason “2133 MHz”. You have to look at DRAM Frequency and multiply it by 2 “DDR = Double Data Rate”. Seems that Sandra is only reading some vendor model strings and thats it.



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