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Asus x99 BIOS update – 0904 released with updated microcode!

Asus just released the next BIOS version 0904! I’m currently at work right now and can’t do anything but i will definetly get into this soon. One thing you might want to point out is the updated microcode. Can’t wait, can’t wait…

If you didn’t read previous posts, get the hardware list here.


Screen of  Asus Support Website

Asus x99 BIOS Update
Screenshot: Asus x99 BIOS Update



Can’t wait to download, test, love, hate and condemn this 🙂 If you already could gather some experience, let me know in the comments! I can’t wait to see benchmark results after this update.


Time has come – Asus x99 BIOS Update


Intel Storage Repair after BIOS Update/FLash
Intel Storage Repair after BIOS Update/FLash
Update 27. September 2014 ,07:32 CEST:

Here we are, the new BIOS installed makes Intel Storage want to repair my raid1 on two Seagate Disks. However, that only means that the testing starts a bit later in the day.The reason for the obviously desynced disks remains unknown. Possible that after loading the new BIOS and first boot attempt one of the disks got touched by the system in non-raid mode.


Asus x99 Deluxe new  BIOS 0904
Asus x99 Deluxe new BIOS 0904










Update 27/28. September 2014, 1:15 CEST:

Phew, this was a very unpleasent day. The new BIOS is running fine but i didn’t get a lot more out of it than before. As i mentiond already in another post i could achieve 4.5 GHz with the i7-5930K at BIOS version 0801, but its almost impossible to run it stable and cool at the same time. At least when it comes to prime95. If i don’t care about prime95 i could easily run the CPU at 4.6 GHz. However, currently i’m at

(If you didn’t read previous posts, get the hardware list here.)

Baseclock: 126.5 MHz

CPU clock: 4.427 GHz (Ratio 35), Vcore 1.31, Sys Agent V 1.2, CPU Input V 1.92, Cache V 1.2

Memory: 3034 MHz, DRAM V 1.35

NB:  3416 MHz


And even at these speeds i’m getting 0x00000101 or 0x00000124 bluescreens when running prime95 tests but it takes longer to make it happen and the temperatures are not peaking at 90 °C instantly, like they would at 4.5 GHz and 1.38 Vcore. It doesn’t feel anymore like the Vcore is the issue. I think i have to pay more attention to the other voltages. I already started to change some values and even the cache frequency. I also disabled some voltage features, which may drop voltages down when you actually are increasing them.

The most stable combination still is 4.375 GHz, 1.27/1.28 Vcore at 125 MHz Baseclock.

Today i also started to use Asus AISuite to get my first experience with it.

For now thats pretty much it. I will add some more comments and pictures tomorrow/later. I will upload some screens of the BIOS settings. Now i will play a game and chillout.





at current settings (see above) during prime95 test
at current settings (see above) during prime95 test


In HW Monitor the VCORE equals the CPU Input Voltage. When i say Vcore in my post i refer to CPU core voltage or Vcore and since i installed Intel Management software HW Monitor shows less information and the power consumption is totally wrong.