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Problem with GTX 770 and World of Tanks (WOT)

Update: [Problem solved in World of Tanks 9.3]

I decided to get a new graphics card view weeks ago and in the end i came up with a GTX 770 4 GB dual Bios.

EVGA GeForce GTX 770 4GB Dual w/ ACX Cooler
EVGA GeForce GTX 770 4GB Dual w/ ACX Cooler

However, currently i’m playing WOT and was happy that i can now play at max settings without being killed by graphics cards fan noise.  The FPS range now from 30 to 50. The first days i was happy with it. But there was something. I expected the result to be alot better than my old GTX 285 – a framerate of 40-50 is not quite good enough. It was just a feeling that something isn’t well configured.

Today, like 8 weeks later when i bought that card, i did run a small test. I downloaded EVGAs “OC SCANNER” software and watched the GPU load temperature and CPU load in Task Manager.

The result was: my graphics card didn’t perform to its full potential. The load didn’t exceed  50%. The load of my CPU isnt exploding either. Here i got it on paper, black on white. I had a problem with my GTX 770 and World of Tanks.

My desktop is powered by an old Intel i7 920 with 2.66 GHZ and few GB of RAM. Its an OEM Bios and has zero flexibility. Some people say that WOT is very CPU intensive. The cores of that Intel i7 920 didnt peak over 30%. There is plenty of room.

These days the CPU had a clockspeed of 800/1066 for DDR-RAM with 25.6 GB/s bandwidth. Exactly the same bandwidth the new i7-4770  have. Comparison

Well, the differences are clear. CPU Clockspeed and higher RAM speed. Some other threads really confirm that this could be a root cause.

Time to get a new RIG? I hope not.



But it just happend on 2. September 2014

But the new RIG didn’t solve the problem. WOT is still running between 30 and 50 FPS and my graphic card is still not being used at its full capacity. Sad-face. I had no time yet to really get into this. The problem remains undissolved for quite more time.