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Video – Mastery Badge B-C 155 58 World of Tanks

Another video of a World of Tanks match. The arty-player is  not myself, i just did the video editing.

Its the french Artillery B-C 155 58 Tier-X / Tier-10 Tank on map ‘Ruinberg’ where the team is spawnd in the north of that map. You will see 7 kills and more than 6500 damage and the arty is winning the game. The last two opponents are being taken out of the match by using the artillery in tankdestroyer modus.

Where artillery usually doesn’t move like normal tanks, this one moves around in the end and is able to turn the game for its team.




Video – Mastery Badge FV215b in World of Tanks

I did a system refresh two weeks ago and all my replays are gone. But as the lucky man i am i uploaded 1 replay to WOT replay and was able to restore it and make  a video of it.

If you want to read a bit more about what tanks i drive etc. There’s already an article.

Here comes my mastery badge fv215b in the 7th match after buying the tank 🙂


World of Tanks – The WOT player inside me

World of Tanks Web

I started playing it in April or May 2014 on EU-Servers, right after i quit playing EVE Online. No matter what shift you are working in or what timezone you live in. You will always find some people to get a match rollin. Ingame i’m called “qoslametan”.

My current favourite Tank is the FV215b. Once i noticed this tank in a Tier 10 battle, i fell in love to the gunsound and its silhouette and went for it. The FV215b is the last Tank of the 4th British Tech-Tree.

WOT World of Tanks british Tech-Tree


Later, by accident, when i already owned the Conqueror (Tier 9 of this Tech-Tree) they came up with Top of the Tree weeks for the FV215b and finally achieved it. The Conqueror by the way is also a very decent tank. Great fun.

I mastered this Tank in the 7th match, which was a total surprise. I’m a bad player, come on and i barely master any of the Tanks greater than Tier 7. Nice to know is, that the FV215b has the best gun in the game. But i didn’t know that when i went for it.




In WOT you will continuesly run into wallet-issues. I had to sell some Tanks i’d like to keep in my hangar, like many WOT player do.

However the British Tech-Tree was the second one i really played till Tier 10.  My main nation so to speak are the French Tanks and the first Tier 10 i ever had was the AMX 50 B. I love this machine.

What i achieved so far in French Tech-Tree:


french tech tree
WOT World of Tanks french Tech-Tree