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Asus x99 Deluxe BIOS Ver. 1305

slight base Vcore increase

So many BIOS Versions have been released by ASUS for the x99 Delux series. What you might experience with 1203 and 1305 is a slight increase of “base voltage” on the Vcore.

When i keep using my old offset values (0.24 V) for the Vcore i do get 1.3 V on that i7-5930K. Pre 1204/1305 i did get 1.28 V.  Thats an increase of 0.2 V just by updating the BIOS.


CPU seems to respond better to what you throw at it

What i did also notice is that the CPU does respond, let’s say, more accurately to the frequencies and voltage you put through. It feels more straight.

In the past i could clock the CPU to 4.6 GHz @ 1.3 V and were able to boot and use Windows. That’s no longer possible. I would have to add quite a lot more voltage ontop of it to get it going at these settings.

What did the board achive so far with 1305?

Currently (02. feb. 2015) i am at


CPU freq. RAM freq. Uncore freq. CPU Vcore RAM Vcore Uncore
4350 Mhz 3070 MHz 3584 MHz 1.32 V 1.35 V 1.2 V


I just started to play with it and will slightly decrease the Vcore. I am still using offset values. Go Offset!




Old sad story – prime95

After all the trouble and questions we had regarding prime95 and Hasswell-E. I decided to run prime95 tests with the Kraken x60 at “silent” and at “custom” mode.  I noticed that Core 0 is behaving quite unimpressed – because the Worker 0 in prime95 stopped stressing the Core for unknown reason. Kraken x60 is a ready-to-use watercooling solution for noobs and lazy people. However as you can see in the bottom box in Kraken Cam, the temperature peaked at almost 90 °C (86 °C) with “silent” configuration.


BUT: this was NOT a prime95 HEAT test. Keep that in mind. Just ordinary stress test.


So i started the prime95 test again due to unknown abstinence of Core 0 and the temperature peaked at 78 – 81  °C.  Fans are NOT at 65%, Kraken CAM is fooling us here.



LED of your Kraken Heatsink lit up 24/7?

If you want your LED flavoured Kraken/Watercooling Heatsink to not glow when the system is powered off, change the ErP Setting in the BIOS to “S4 + S5”.

I still use Kraken x60 standard Fans. I do want to change those since weeks, or months but never completed this task yet. Maybe you can recommend some.


When Overclocking: Use offset voltage over fixed voltage

Today i decided to get back to powersavings and changed my fixed cpu core voltage to an offset value. The reason is pretty simple: I want the voltage to reflect the current core speed or in other words, to supply the CPU with only the amount of voltage it actually needs. On the one hand to give the CPU a break when possible, when no performance is needed and maybe extend its life time and on the other hand to save energy. It’s there, you can use it! Don’t fear it!


Dynamic Vcore / CPU core voltage
Dynamic Vcore / CPU core voltage
Fixed Vcore / CPU core voltage
Fixed Vcore / CPU core voltage


I won’t say: Go Green! – Go Offset voltage!

Powersavings were introduced back in the 90 at the end of the last century and there is no reason anymore to not make use of it, even when overclocking. These days SpeedStep or PowerNow technology could cause several stability problems but today we are facing software and hardware which has improved significantly. Go Offset! Time to make a change, time to make a cut here and use it. Only when using offset mode the processor can apply its power saving steps ontop of it. Maybe in the future they will be able to scale.


Apply Speed Step Voltage onto the Offset Voltage
Apply Speed Step Voltage onto the Offset Voltage


It’s nothing of a big deal

Just go into your BIOS and switch from fixed value to offset mode. You just have to do the math. Get the base voltage of your CPU and add that extra voltage you already applied in your fixed voltage and add the difference as offset voltage.


Offset Tweaking Example
My base voltage is 1.040
My target / overclocking voltage is 1.280
So i provide an offset voltage of 0.24


Setting Offset Mode and Offset Voltage in the BIOS
Setting Offset Mode and Offset Voltage in the BIOS