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Asus x99 Deluxe standby mode not working properly

Update Jan. 2016
Try disabling these settings:




Update 06.11.2014: When using Corsair Power Supplies:

Go to http://www.corsair.com/en/rm-series-rm1000-80-plus-gold-certified-power-supply and click “Haswell compatibility” under the FAQ & Support Tab.

Quote “According to Intel’s presentation at IDF, the new Haswell processors enter a sleep state called C7 that can drop processor power usage as low as 0.05A. Even if the sleeping CPU is the only load on the +12V rail, most power supplies can handle a load this low. The potential problem comes up when there is still a substantial load on the power supply’s non-primary rails (the +3.3V and +5V). If the load on these non-primary rails are above a certain threshold (which varies by PSU), the +12V can go out of spec (voltages greater than +12.6V). If the +12V is out of spec when the motherboard comes out of the sleep state, the PSU’s protection may prevent the PSU from running and will cause the power supply to “latch off”. This will require the user to cycle the power on their power supply using the power switch on the back of the unit.”

Also check out their forums (http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=118456). Possible that you need a new PSU but at first you could try to disable C7 state (if possible) in your BIOS settings and see if it helps.



You may know or not that i bought a new system this year. However the Asus x99 Deluxe standby mode seems to confuse some of the components of this system or its the mainboard itself messing around with it.


Infinite loop

When i put my system into standby or suspend mode i can’t really wake it from there. When i try to wake it: the hardware responds, fans are starting to spin, harddrives etc, but the system is not really recovering from the standby mode, instead the system goes to Q-CODE bF and sits there until it starts to reboot automatically. Even a 4-sec-press-hold the power button doesn’t help to cold boot the system. The system sure goes down, but it does keep the system to do the bF loop. It keeps infinite (re)booting.


Q-CODE: [bF]


The first thing i did was CMOS reset but it is NOT necessary!

Instead: turn off your power supply wait a few seconds and turn it on again. Then the system should boot normally.

I already did play with some BIOS settings and there was something strange happening when i enabled ASPM Support in “Advanced->Onboard Device Config->ASPM Support” ….


Asus x99 Deluxe standby mode messed up?
Asus x99 Deluxe standby mode messed up?

When i enabled ASPM Support, i was able to put the system in suspend/standby mode and wake it with either keyboard or power button, right on the first attempt. This made me think i found a solution. It did work 3 times in a row. I then wanted to know if i can reprocude this by undoing the changes to see the bF code again and redoing the changes to see a working standby mode, and failed. Disabling and reenabling ASPM Support didn’t come up with a working suspend/standby mode.


 Asus Technical Support

I already wrote to Asus Technical Support and the first “conclusion” was, that i may have defect hardware with the aim at power supply.


Do you have same or similar problems? Different Q-CODE? Let me know!!


Update: Well sometimes its working and sometimes not. And when i try to record it with a camera, take a guess, its working…. to be continued


When Overclocking: Use offset voltage over fixed voltage

Today i decided to get back to powersavings and changed my fixed cpu core voltage to an offset value. The reason is pretty simple: I want the voltage to reflect the current core speed or in other words, to supply the CPU with only the amount of voltage it actually needs. On the one hand to give the CPU a break when possible, when no performance is needed and maybe extend its life time and on the other hand to save energy. It’s there, you can use it! Don’t fear it!


Dynamic Vcore / CPU core voltage
Dynamic Vcore / CPU core voltage
Fixed Vcore / CPU core voltage
Fixed Vcore / CPU core voltage


I won’t say: Go Green! – Go Offset voltage!

Powersavings were introduced back in the 90 at the end of the last century and there is no reason anymore to not make use of it, even when overclocking. These days SpeedStep or PowerNow technology could cause several stability problems but today we are facing software and hardware which has improved significantly. Go Offset! Time to make a change, time to make a cut here and use it. Only when using offset mode the processor can apply its power saving steps ontop of it. Maybe in the future they will be able to scale.


Apply Speed Step Voltage onto the Offset Voltage
Apply Speed Step Voltage onto the Offset Voltage


It’s nothing of a big deal

Just go into your BIOS and switch from fixed value to offset mode. You just have to do the math. Get the base voltage of your CPU and add that extra voltage you already applied in your fixed voltage and add the difference as offset voltage.


Offset Tweaking Example
My base voltage is 1.040
My target / overclocking voltage is 1.280
So i provide an offset voltage of 0.24


Setting Offset Mode and Offset Voltage in the BIOS
Setting Offset Mode and Offset Voltage in the BIOS