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New screen for my digital adventures LG-34UC87

Santa delivered a new LG-34UC87 and very soon i will post a video and some words describing the awesomeness of this screen. The monitor is attached to an Ergotron MX Monitor Arm.

Aspect Ratio in World of Tanks

You can fix the Aspect-Ratio Problem (if you are afected) this way: Edit:


and watch out for this line

<aspectRatio>    2.390000    </aspectRatio>

and set it to 2.39 like already did in this example.


Video Clip

Not just for you, but i will pretend it was, i reactivated my EVE Online account for you. There it happened. I tried to make a short clip of it, where short is here the problem. I will work on it and upload it the next days.

So here it comes:


Keep in mind, that when you connect the display using DisplayPort it may not automatically switch to the correct input source. You should activate it manually by using the little joysticks underneath it. You also have to enable DisplayPort 1.2 in the menu in case you expect your system do use it.



Some impressions during installation:

Please note that Fallout3 SuiteCase 😀 ..


(L) Samsung 23" (R) BENQ 17"
Previous Setup – (L) Samsung 23″ (R) BENQ 17″


LG 34UC87
LG mounted onto the Ergotron MX Monitor Arm

LG 34UC87


lg 34uc87




LG 34UC87
LG 34UC87

GTX 770 and World of Tanks performance issues gone in 9.3?

In a previous post i was talking a bit of my problem with my EVGA GTX 770 and World of Tanks.

Today, after a couple of weeks of abstinence, when playing World of Tanks, which is now at version 9.3,  i do notice an enhancement with GTX 770 and World of Tanks but i can’t really tell why. Few days ago, NVIDIA released a new Driver Package especially for the new GTX 9 series. In World of Tanks 9.2 i could not notice any enhancements with this new driver. Today with World of Tanks 9.3 i noticed a great frame per second increase. Now you could say, the improvements have been made in  World of Tanks 9.3.


Hardware – no improvement after upgrading

I bought the EVGA GTX 770 like 2 or 3 months ago. These days i still had my i7-920 running at 2.66 GHz and some of the old DDR3 RAM at unreasonable frequency. Unfortunately i could not overclock these parts because of the OEM motherboard and BIOS they were mounted on. The idea of upgrading or purchasing a better board for this old components (sad but true, after 6 years these are OLD) was discarded. So i even took the hardware into account when dealing with the “World of Tanks” problem. On september 2nd i did a hardware overall refresh and could then tell: “Nope, its not a hardware problem”. The new i7-5930K and an Asus 2011-v3 board now rock the house. Just search for the CPU and you’ll find some more posts of it, even the overclocking journey.


Load – GTX 770 was not running at its full potential

Unlike in previous versions and drivers, my GPU now does hit the 100% load mark, which was not the case in the past and which was the actual problem. The GPU couldn’t perform to its limits, leaving the game running at 30-50 frame per second (FPS). EVGA has its own overclocking and monitoring tools like Precision X and OC Scanner, google for it or visit their website. To let you guys know what i mean here a screenshot: In the top left corner you can now see almost 80 (78) FPS at high resolution 1920 x 1080 and highest settings and 100% render level, which was between 30 and 50 before 9.3.


GTX 770 and World of Tanks 9.3 current framerate
GTX 770 and World of Tanks 9.3 current framerate 80 FPS (+- 10)


Framerate increased, what an improvement! But?

However i still do notice that the graphics cards load is bouncing sometimes. You could say this hapens because the area where the camera is pointing to requires less performance to get rendered. That would be true if the FPS is stable and take a guess – it’s not.


Who needs more than 30 or even 60 FPS at all?

80 FPS is a good rate i can live with for now. The main purpose of these is to make video capturing more comfortable and less eye bleeding when you watch the results. Recording today easily results in a 20-30 FPS drop, if you have no extra performance. If you run 2 graphics cards and limits the FPS to 60 you would’ve had an incredible amount of performance left for recording and other stuff. Now when i limit the FPS to 60, i have only the performance left that encloses or fills the gap between 60 FPS and 80 FPS.


GTX 770 and World of Tanks, save to get a 770 now?

Well, after spending thousands of €uros for new hardware and doing upgrades and updates i’m looking forward for future updates. Thank you Wargaming, it was about time.

The GTX 770 is not the best card on the market but its still a good one. With a bit of tweaking you can get her close to a GTX 780 or even a GTX 770 TI at their base settings and clocks.

If you plan to buy a GTX 770, i would say that its save now, when it comes to World of Tanks performance, but i can’t recommend it. The new line of NVIDIAs GTX 9 series made a big step forward in terms of power consumption AND performance. The GTX 770 will perform fine and sexy but you should be aware of that she delivers a higher electricity bill.


Two videos with pre World of Tanks 9.3 and pre NVIDIA 344 performance:


Video – Mastery Badge B-C 155 58 World of Tanks

Another video of a World of Tanks match. The arty-player is  not myself, i just did the video editing.

Its the french Artillery B-C 155 58 Tier-X / Tier-10 Tank on map ‘Ruinberg’ where the team is spawnd in the north of that map. You will see 7 kills and more than 6500 damage and the arty is winning the game. The last two opponents are being taken out of the match by using the artillery in tankdestroyer modus.

Where artillery usually doesn’t move like normal tanks, this one moves around in the end and is able to turn the game for its team.




Problem with GTX 770 and World of Tanks (WOT)

Update: [Problem solved in World of Tanks 9.3]

I decided to get a new graphics card view weeks ago and in the end i came up with a GTX 770 4 GB dual Bios.

EVGA GeForce GTX 770 4GB Dual w/ ACX Cooler
EVGA GeForce GTX 770 4GB Dual w/ ACX Cooler

However, currently i’m playing WOT and was happy that i can now play at max settings without being killed by graphics cards fan noise.  The FPS range now from 30 to 50. The first days i was happy with it. But there was something. I expected the result to be alot better than my old GTX 285 – a framerate of 40-50 is not quite good enough. It was just a feeling that something isn’t well configured.

Today, like 8 weeks later when i bought that card, i did run a small test. I downloaded EVGAs “OC SCANNER” software and watched the GPU load temperature and CPU load in Task Manager.

The result was: my graphics card didn’t perform to its full potential. The load didn’t exceed  50%. The load of my CPU isnt exploding either. Here i got it on paper, black on white. I had a problem with my GTX 770 and World of Tanks.

My desktop is powered by an old Intel i7 920 with 2.66 GHZ and few GB of RAM. Its an OEM Bios and has zero flexibility. Some people say that WOT is very CPU intensive. The cores of that Intel i7 920 didnt peak over 30%. There is plenty of room.

These days the CPU had a clockspeed of 800/1066 for DDR-RAM with 25.6 GB/s bandwidth. Exactly the same bandwidth the new i7-4770  have. Comparison

Well, the differences are clear. CPU Clockspeed and higher RAM speed. Some other threads really confirm that this could be a root cause.

Time to get a new RIG? I hope not.



But it just happend on 2. September 2014

But the new RIG didn’t solve the problem. WOT is still running between 30 and 50 FPS and my graphic card is still not being used at its full capacity. Sad-face. I had no time yet to really get into this. The problem remains undissolved for quite more time.


Video – Mastery Badge FV215b in World of Tanks

I did a system refresh two weeks ago and all my replays are gone. But as the lucky man i am i uploaded 1 replay to WOT replay and was able to restore it and make  a video of it.

If you want to read a bit more about what tanks i drive etc. There’s already an article.

Here comes my mastery badge fv215b in the 7th match after buying the tank 🙂


World of Tanks – The WOT player inside me

World of Tanks Web

I started playing it in April or May 2014 on EU-Servers, right after i quit playing EVE Online. No matter what shift you are working in or what timezone you live in. You will always find some people to get a match rollin. Ingame i’m called “qoslametan”.

My current favourite Tank is the FV215b. Once i noticed this tank in a Tier 10 battle, i fell in love to the gunsound and its silhouette and went for it. The FV215b is the last Tank of the 4th British Tech-Tree.

WOT World of Tanks british Tech-Tree


Later, by accident, when i already owned the Conqueror (Tier 9 of this Tech-Tree) they came up with Top of the Tree weeks for the FV215b and finally achieved it. The Conqueror by the way is also a very decent tank. Great fun.

I mastered this Tank in the 7th match, which was a total surprise. I’m a bad player, come on and i barely master any of the Tanks greater than Tier 7. Nice to know is, that the FV215b has the best gun in the game. But i didn’t know that when i went for it.




In WOT you will continuesly run into wallet-issues. I had to sell some Tanks i’d like to keep in my hangar, like many WOT player do.

However the British Tech-Tree was the second one i really played till Tier 10.  My main nation so to speak are the French Tanks and the first Tier 10 i ever had was the AMX 50 B. I love this machine.

What i achieved so far in French Tech-Tree:


french tech tree
WOT World of Tanks french Tech-Tree