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I started playing it in April or May 2014 on EU-Servers, right after i quit playing EVE Online. No matter what shift you are working in or what timezone you live in. You will always find some people to get a match rollin. Ingame i’m called “qoslametan”.

My current favourite Tank is the FV215b. Once i noticed this tank in a Tier 10 battle, i fell in love to the gunsound and its silhouette and went for it. The FV215b is the last Tank of the 4th British Tech-Tree.

WOT World of Tanks british Tech-Tree


Later, by accident, when i already owned the Conqueror (Tier 9 of this Tech-Tree) they came up with Top of the Tree weeks for the FV215b and finally achieved it. The Conqueror by the way is also a very decent tank. Great fun.

I mastered this Tank in the 7th match, which was a total surprise. I’m a bad player, come on and i barely master any of the Tanks greater than Tier 7. Nice to know is, that the FV215b has the best gun in the game. But i didn’t know that when i went for it.




In WOT you will continuesly run into wallet-issues. I had to sell some Tanks i’d like to keep in my hangar, like many WOT player do.

However the British Tech-Tree was the second one i really played till Tier 10.  My main nation so to speak are the French Tanks and the first Tier 10 i ever had was the AMX 50 B. I love this machine.

What i achieved so far in French Tech-Tree:


french tech tree
WOT World of Tanks french Tech-Tree



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